American Smoked BBQ is the perfect style of food for any function, be it a wedding, corporate event or birthday celebration. Everybody loves the comfort of Southern food.


Southern smoked BBQ is one of our specialities. Our meats are smoked for 14 hours and have that incredible juicy smoked flavour. This menu can be served as a sit down banquet,  where a bounty of food is put in the centre of the table for your guests to feast or as a buffet with a chef carving meat in front of your guests. A perfect menu for any occasion.


Individual  meats – start from $12.5 | Side start from – $5

Minimum of 2 meats 3 sides recommended

Additional staffing and equipment cost may apply. GST  not included


MEATS TO CHOOSE FROM (Includes sauce’s and brioche rolls )

14 Hour Smoked Brisket

8 Hour Bourbon Pork Belly

Pulled Boston Pork

12 Hour Pepper Beef Rack

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Smoked Whole Sumac Chicken

Bourbon Pork Rack

Buffalo Wings & Blue Cheese Sauce

Smoked & pressed Lamb Shoulder


Smoked Mac N Three Cheese – our signature mac’n’cheese comfort dish with three cheeses gouda, pecorino and a hint of blue

Triple Cooked Stuffed Spuds – confit kipfler potato, spec bacon, roasted garlic white sauce, cheddar and chives

Texas Cowboy Bean Stew smokey pinto and black bean, chipotle, brisket and thyme

Charred Corn Cob – whole charred corn with jalapeño salsa verde

Cream Kale & Charr – wilted kale and rainbow charr, roasted garlic, thyme cream sauce

Roasted Root Veg – medley of roasted seasonal vegetable tossed with salsa verde


Rainbow Slaw – slaw made our way, julienne beetroot, carrot, Spinach onion, red cabbage with a tangy vinaigrette

Southern Potato Salad – kipfler Potatoes, charred corn, parsley, finely diced jalapeños smoked bacon, creamy mayo

Cauliflower & Crimson Grapes – roasted cauliflower, sumac yogurt, pumpkin seed and crimson grapes

Smoked Chicken Caesar –  our take on a Caesar salad, cos lettuce, pulled smoked chicken, house made sauce, thyme roasted crouton, shaved pecorino, white anchovies

Home Made Pickles – artisanal pickled baby cucumber

Greek Salad – mixed tomatoes, baby cucumber, red onion, feta, olives, peppers with a tangy dressing